UniqBlu Lotus Oil

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*Uniquely blended luxury oil, infused with real blue lotus flower petals, & 12 of the highest quality All natural essential oils (including blue lotus oil). Helps promote stronger hair, Reduce breakage, Encourage hair growth, & Each oil does its part to help condition, moisturize, & mend BOTH Hair AND Skin. Result: Healthier Hair & Skin, with a soft, lovely, look & feel; without oily buildup. 

*Ingredients (Oils): Sweet almond, Castor, Extra Virgin olive, Blueberry seed, Aloe vera, Avocado, Grape seed, Macadamia, Marula, Vit. E, Jojoba, & Blue lotus

*Skin: Apply, massage & Let absorb into skin. 

*Hair: Using dropper, apply to scalp/hands, & massage. 

*(Reapply to hair & skin as needed) 

*External use Only. Avoid eye contact. Apply drop to hand to check for sensitivity. 

*B gentle with handling (bottle & dropper made of glass). 

*Keep Out of reach of children. 

*Distributed by: 

UniqBlu Naturals LLC.  

Atlanta, GA 30326

Hair & Skin Benefits of oils contained in UniqBlu Lotus Oil:

*Sweet almond oil: moisturizes, conditions, strengthens, smoothes, promotes shine & hairgrowth, contains Vit. E which helps keep skin cells healthy, protects skin from UV radiation damage, helps skin look & feel smooth & soft, helps heal irritated skin, contains Vit. A which can help reduce acne & appearance of scars, stretch marks, & wrinkles, contains many nutrients that are good for skin, including vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants, helps soothe & hydrate hair & skin

*Castor oil: moisturizes hair & skin, fights acne, promotes overall skin health, creates barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating from skin, antibacterial & antifungal properties, rich in Vit. E, promotes healthy & shiny hair, boosts hair growth by helping increase blood flow to hair follicles

*Extra Virgin olive oil: nourishes & moisturizes hair & skin by locking in moisture, promotes softness & shine, reduces hair damage & breakage, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, & anti-aging properties, packed with antioxidants & vitamins

*Blueberry seed oil: moisturizes dry hair & skin, rich in Vit. C & B, promotes healthy & shiny hair, encourages hair growth by improving oxygenation & blood circulation to the scalp, rich in vitamin A, B complex, C, E, & nutrients, improves skin elasticity

*Aloe vera oil: moisturizes hair & skin, helps prevents frizz, dandruff, & itchy scalp; promotes softer hair & hair growth, minimizes appearance of wrinkles, helps heal stretch marks, helps revitalize skin, helps combat acne with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, & antioxidant properties

*Avocado oil: moisturizes & nourishes hair & skin, repairs & strengthens hair, seals cuticle cells, helps prevent hair breakage, helps relieve inflammation from psoriasis & eczema, prevents & treats acne, accelerates wound healing, treats sunburn, reduces signs of aging, improves scalp health

*Grape seed oil: fights scalp dryness, reduces damage & frizz, increases shine, natural remedy to treat baldness, stimulates hair growth, helps treat acne, moisturizes & balances the skin, absorbs easily, antimicrobial, evens skin tone 

*Macadamia oil: strengthens hair, promotes shine, combats frizz & "flyaways", helps repair scars & stretch marks, moisturizes & nourishes skin, helps reduce itchiness & rash, rich antioxidant

*Marula oil: nourish & add moisture to hair follicles, helps repair damaged hair & prevent split ends, non greasy, rich in protective antioxidants Vit. C & E, smoothes, eliminates frizz, adds tons of shine, promotes healthy scalp, balances natural oils in hair, seals & coats hair cuticle, lightweight, absorbs easily, great moisturizer for dry skin, keeps skin nourished

*Vit. E oil: stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair, promotes shine, "hair hydrator", moisturizes hair & skin, helps with wound healing, helps soothe eczema & skin itching, minimizes appearance of scars & wrinkles

*Jojoba oil: "The hydrator", moisturizes, prevents premature greying, prevents dandruff, controls frizz, stimulates hair growth, protects scalp from infections, treats heat damage, adds shine, rich in vitamins & minerals, anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin, great for all skin types including sensitive & oily skin, mimics same natural oils found in healthy skin, doesn't clog pores, antioxidant "feast" for your skin (antioxidants help keep skin hydrated)

*Blue lotus oil: natural moisturizer for dry hair & skin, helps heal damaged hair & restore its natural shine, wont clog pores, allows skin to breathe naturally, promotes smooth hair & skin, fights inflammation, calms & soothes irritated skin, helps keep skin in a balanced state & balances oil production, which can help prevent & combat acne, contains antioxidants, great for all skin types, strengthens hair, improves elasticity, revives hair protein, adds shine, helps heal damaged hair & restore its natural shine, improves hair elasticity by keeping it strong & hydrated, promotes stress relief & encourages feelings of calm, & its delightful, heavenly scent is "out of this world" 

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